Death is everywhere, life is nowhere

15 Ottobre 2023


“This is Mohammed Younis. While the dust hasn’t settled yet I still write you this with grief and sorrow. As I was just informed that our dear friend and brother Abraham Saidam has passed away in an attack on his home.”

Così Mohammed  Younis ci informa della morte del nostro amico e collaboratore Abraham Saidam. Muore nei primi atti di questa violenza in escalation, prima di poter entrare in scena con il suo spettacolo Odissea, che lo avrebbe visto protagonista nel tour in Italia proprio nei giorni in cui è stato ucciso. Il suo passaporto, che lo aspettava in consolato su nostra richiesta, gli è ritornato per il riconoscimento.



Il 13 ottobre, due giorni prima della notizia della sua morte, ci inviava un pensiero di dolore e resistenza, che lasciamo integrale e incensurato.

As long as we live, we fight. Another day we survive without knowing where we are going, or what will happen next, death is everywhere, and life is nowhere. Resistance is the only hope we have. Without it we are nothing, there’s no meaning f or our existence if we don’t fight for our right to live, for our right to freedom. Unfortunately, we didn’t choose this way of living. We were cursed with this life. But we are not complaining we shouldn’t complain. This is who we are, and this is what shapes our identity. The world hates us, they want to destroy us, erase us from the map. But guess what, we are like Phoenixes, we rise from the ashes. For 75 years we have fought, they have burned us many times, but we are still alive. We won’t give up and we won’t surrender, we are bigger than that. We are all on a small journey in this life and at the end of it we are all going to die, but Palestinians choose to die for something more meaningful ‘Their Land’. For Palestine, we live, and f or Palestine, we die.




Salutiamo Abraham Saidam, 26 anni, attore, Odisseo nel suo spettacolo teatrale “All that’s left to me”, grafico della locandina dello spettacolo a Gaza, montatore del trailer dello spettacolo teatrale, collaboratore del Centro Vik e ACS in Gaza City, amico.